Where to Stay in Aguas Calientes, Peru

What Aguas Calientes doesn’t have in nightlife it more than makes up for in hotels. You’ll find plenty of spots to rest your head after a strenuous day, and in a variety of prices, as well. Be warned that the cost of a room can vary greatly from one season to another. During the summer, you might be charged twice as much as you normally would in order to stay. Regardless, there are options for the most intense backpackers and the millennials willing to splurge a little more.

Rupa Wasi Lodge

Huanacaure Street, 105

+51 84 211101

This funky spot caters to the kid in all of us with bungalow rooms and a treehouse restaurant. It’s also a one-stop spot for those who haven’t taken the time to properly plan their trips and who want some help from a local guide. Best of all? No hotel has better views of the stunning Sacred Valley and cares more about its guests.

Flower’s House

Calle Jory Wankanki B-9

+51 84 435852

Flower’s House is no-frills, but plenty comfortable enough for a few nights in Aguas Calientes. Along with all the amenities you would expect from a 3-star hotel, it also provides views of the mountains and an easy walk into the center of town. Because it offers a good price through most of the year, booking in advance is highly recommended.

Hotel Pachakuteq

Avenida Pachacutec, 809

 +51 84 211061

The Hotel Pachakuteq doesn’t have a lot of information online, but it serves as a solid hotel for those planning on staying a few days in the area and seeing the sights. It’s also close to the center of town, so you can get from the bus station up to Machu Picchu easily and simply. Between the comfortable beds and free amenities, it’s a place to call home in a busy tourist locale.

Inka Wonder

Av. Imperio de los Incas 534

+51 84 211172

For the price, this hotel does the trick. As with many places in Aguas Calientes, it gets the job done and is clean. For backpackers on a budget, this hotel tends to offer just what you need in order to make your stay comfortable and so you can relax during the times you aren’t hiking. Free WiFi and a pleasant breakfast room are some of the best amenities here.

Gringo Bill’s Hotel

Jiron Colla Raymi 104

+011 51 1 7075646

While usually packed (especially during the busy season), Gringo Bill’s has a homey atmosphere, a pool, free WiFi, and much more. Expect to see prices inflate during certain times of the year, but if you can manage to get a room at this lovely little boutique, then you are certain to feel as though you’re back in your own apartment.

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where to stay in aguas calientes

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