This is the first episode of my new travel vlog, “Keep Wandering, Alex.” Daniel and I travel to Nepal to take on the Everest Base Camp hike, but first, we look to explore the capital city. Between festivals and momos, we’re about to expand our horizons.
Daniel and I start our hike to the Everest Basecamp. We begin with high expectations, though we soon realize there will be challenges along the way.
We continue on our journey to the Everest Base Camp, discovering it’s not as easy as the first few days.
Daniel and I reach Base Camp and celebrate a new chapter in our lives. After a week of hiking, we finally reach our goal after battling snow and the altitude.
Daniel and I find ourselves stranded in rural Nepal after finishing our hike. Hopping on the nearest jeep, we take a long way back to Kathmandu.
Before heading to India, we decided to see the last of Kathmandu’s sights, including the Monkey Temple, the Boudhanath Stupa, and the Garden of Dreams.
We explore one of Nepal’s hidden gems, Chitwan National Park. Hoping to see some of the local wildlife, we jump on a jeep for a safari.
Daniel and I explore the holy city of Varanasi, India.
We first visit the Red Fort in Agra, where we are stunned by its architecture and history. Then, we make it to India’s most famous monument, the Taj Mahal.
I take to the streets to explore the Pink City’s palaces and museums.
I search for some areas of Delhi that aren’t crowded with people while also looking for the perfect Indian meal.
Daniel and I go searching for the perfect kati roll and end up making some friends along the way.
Our last stop in India leaves us with food poisoning and the desire to return to this country of many flavors.
Daniel and I enjoy a long layover in Nairobi, where we go searching for some of Africa’s most famous animals.
We start out our trip to Israel by wandering around the capital of Tel Aviv.
Daniel and I take some day trips from the capital of Israel, Jerusalem. We stop by the Dead Sea, En Gedi, and Masada.
Daniel and I walk around the old city of Jerusalem and marvel at how much history this place has.
Daniel and I explore some areas in Israel outside the major cities of Israel.
First Ancient Rome and then the “Martian”? We take a look at the many sides Jordan has to offer.
Daniel and I head to Jordan to explore its most famous monument, Petra.