Video and Blogging: Why It’s Becoming More Necessary for Your Travel Blog

One of the best parts about travel blogging for me is finding out that I have so much more to learn. I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years, but there is always new technology being implemented and new things to learn in order to get your message across. For me, there have been some big learning curves, such as learning social media, SEO, and now, video.

Video is one of those things that is not mentioned to beginning travel bloggers because it is such a different set of skills. I used to love spending hours piecing together movies on the computer when I was a kid with my mini camcorder, but I stopped making projects the older I became. I focused more on my writing—which eventually led me to start this blog.

But media is becoming so much more visual. I’ve had to spend hours working on my photography in order for it to stand out, and along with photography came photo editing. Video is much the same way—I’ve been playing around with my phone and camera and seeing if I can learn some new things.

This is all great, but why does it matter? It matters because as vlogging and the use of video on social media are all becoming much bigger parts of sharing travels with others. Many of my favorite bloggers are versatile, and they tend to not only have great content on their blogs, but they also have active social media pages and, you guessed it, video. It’s not enough just to read about a location anymore, visitors to your site want to see it too.

I was thinking about the things in my childhood that influenced me to travel when I was older. Of course, reading about a destination was always my first frame of reference, but I also enjoyed movies and the Travel Channel’s show with Samantha Brown. Seeing those locales on the television screen made me all the more curious to see them in person.

Today, it is no different. Social media is a new form of streaming content, and many travelers choose to head to a destination by what they see on Instagram or Facebook. Stories allow viewers to see information in bite-sized samples, and you don’t need any fancy camera or editing gear in order to make it worth viewing. They also allow you to build a following in a way that writing alone sometimes can’t.

Convinced? It took me a while too. Video seemed like another thing to add to my already-long list of improvements to make to the blog. How would I have time to write content, put together social media strategies, plan my next trip, make a living, and put together quality video? The answer is doing it when I can. Video isn’t essential to a good blog, but as our world becomes more visual, it seems only likely that we will have to make video more of a priority as travel bloggers.

I’m taking time to relearn some video editing (things have changed a little bit since the early 00s), upload interesting things I find about a culture on Instagram, and I’ve invested in quality equipment in order to add some video to the blog. It’s not what I would have expected myself doing when I started this blog two years ago, but like travel, it’s often the unexpected that turns out changing you the most. It’s all about learning to grow and stretch ourselves—even when it seems hard.

Have you added video to your travel blog? Why or why not?

Keep wandering,

Alex Signature Wander

4 thoughts on “Video and Blogging: Why It’s Becoming More Necessary for Your Travel Blog

    1. Alex Schnee says:

      Me too! It’s something I am definitely working on…

  1. Suzanne Fluhr, Travel Editor says:

    Funny that I should stumble across your post today. I just put my first video in my Facebook feed. I’m starting very small—panning a sunset with my cell phone. I’m hoping to prove that you can indeed teach as old dog new tricks . 😊


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