Camping in Montana: Staying at Under Canvas Glacier

Thanks to Under Canvas Glacier for an amazing stay and experience.

I wasn’t always an outdoor person. In fact, growing up it used to drive me nuts how my parents would want to spend weekends hiking and enjoying nearby Glacier National Park. I would always want to stay inside on hot summer afternoons and read my book—not tromp around nature.

That changed when I got older and started traveling the world. I started to realize how special the area I grew up in was and how fortunate I was to have such a beautiful part of the planet right outside my door. I’ve become a bit of nature nut within the past few years, and I always love returning home in the summers to enjoy the area.

staying at under canvas glacier

I asked Under Canvas Glacier if they would be willing to let me stay at their location right near the park. I drove up there, marveling at how green the area was even this late in the year and remembering how long the journey used to seem when I was younger. Turing onto “Under Canvas” road, I was greeted by friendly managers. They took me to the tent I would be staying at for the night, and we chatted about Glacier and how many people had discovered it within recent years.

under canvas glacier

The tent itself was unbelievably lovely. Under Canvas had managed to make the tent seem like home without being too pretentious or stuffy. I’ve always felt that glamping can feel somewhat inauthentic to the area and the experience of being in a certain location, but the design of the tent made it feel as though I could be in no other place than Montana.

under canvas glacier

under canvas glacier

I couldn’t help but jump onto the delicious-looking bed. It didn’t take me long to realize that this bed was comparable to what I had at home. While it would have been too hot at that time in the summer, I was also grateful for the charming wood stove in the corner of the tent that could be lit on cold nights. I felt spoiled to have this all to myself and to have a new way to experience a place I loved.

under canvas glacier

After resting and taking some pictures, I decided to do a bit of exploring. Taking a peek inside some of the tepees set up nearby, I was reminded of when my siblings and I were children and we would set up our own in the backyard. Of course, these were much more luxurious than anything we had created! They were tucked away for privacy, but it would have been the perfect location for a family reunion or wedding.

under canvas glacier

Walking down to the reception tent, I grabbed a cup of coffee and took a look at the activities they offered. While you can book a number of Montana things to try through Under Canvas (including white water rafting, horseback riding, and hiking excursions), they also had free events for those staying at the campground. Other guests began setting up dinner at the nearby picnic tables while kids tossed a volleyball back and forth at the pitch they had put up.

under canvas glacier

I asked the desk if they offered meals. While you have to drive to the grocery store or the small town of Coram to get anything major, they offered to order in breakfast for me from one of my favorite local restaurants, Montana Coffee Traders. It would be the ideal meal to start off the hike I was planning to do in the morning.

As the light began to fade, I returned to my tent so I could read my book before getting up early the next day to explore Glacier. Tucking into the heavenly bed, I could hear the sounds of the train that comes through the area, reminding me that I had made it home.

Have you had a special experience returning to where you grew up?

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