The Most Romantic Destinations to Visit in 2020

I took a ton of trips when I was single, and I enjoyed almost every single one. Of course, any of these destinations can easily be visited by solo travelers, and I highly recommend that you go with a friend or by yourself if you don’t have a significant other.

However, I have to say that traveling with your person is something special. Daniel and I have been to over 20 countries together, and I am always amazed at how different the experience can be when you have someone to bounce ideas off of and interact with. Here are some places that I would choose to take your partner if you haven’t been–and some that I am looking at heading back to with him so we can see these spots together.

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Venice, Italy

I studied abroad in Venice when I was young. While both of us have traveled there separately, there is something inherently romantic about going together–it’s such a city built for lovers! Make sure you take a walk along the Grand Canal and opt for a gondola ride for the ultimate sense of schmaltzy-ness. To round it off, pick a gelato flavor to share and enjoy the evening watching the sunset from the fabulous San Marco Square.

Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai has boomed within recent years for being the least-developed island in Hawaii. It’s also a popular spot among honeymooners for its incredible beaches, great hikes, and delicious food. United States citizens head here a lot in order to experience a new side of the country (and people here obviously speak English). Hawaii is a spot I’d love to return with Daniel now that we are both into hiking–maybe we will finally get the honeymoon we deserve instead of heading to more intense spots.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges offers a fairytale-like atmosphere, amazing cheese and chocolate (the foods of love, am I right?) and the perfect activity to do as a couple–walk and talk. You can also find wonderful shopping here and a chance to truly feel like you’ve stepped away from daily life. Best of all, day trips offer a new side of the country if you’re tired of strolling through the cobbled streets and want a change of pace.

The Maldives

While I doubt we’ll ever make it the Maldives because of expense, I’ve had several friends head here who say it is divine. With some of the clearest ocean water in the world, adorable cabins located directly on the water, and opportunities for relaxation, you’ve got a great trip planned where you can take a load off and enjoy each other’s company.

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Ubud is amazing for couples looking for fresh foods, access to beaches close by, and some temple hopping. You can also find some Airbnbs that are unlike any other–the people in Bali know how to live life! You can spend months here if you would like, but I recommend getting a place that you can base yourself out of. Best of all, you should be able to find one with a pool for an affordable price!

Padar Island, Indonesia

Padar is another side of Indonesia that is less crowded than Bali and offers options for activities that are a bit more adventurous than heading to the beach (though you can do that too). You’ve got amazing hike options, a chance to see the dinosaur-like Komodo dragons, and a number of tours available for island hopping. The best part is that this island is still relatively undiscovered, so you won’t have to share it with very many couples looking for a dreamy paradise!

romantic destinations

Santorini, Greece

Of course Santorini had to make this list! As one of the most popular honeymoon destinations ever, you’ve got to-die-for sunsets, amazing food, and beaches galore. The only thing not to love about Santorini is the fact that so many other people love it too. If you are planning on going, make sure to book activities and accommodations well in advance.

Have you ever made it any of these spots? Where would recommend visiting that’s off-the-beaten path?

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