Best Restaurants in Rabat, Morocco

Morocco’s food scene is actually to die for, with traces of Berber, Arabic, and European influences apparent in each dish. With every dish varying between each region, you might be surprised to learn that the certain meal you order can be very different in Marrakech than you would get in Rabat. It’s often overlooked for other cities, but Rabat does have some amazing places to chow down between sightseeing! Here are some of my recommendations for spots!

Villa Diyafa

Rue Bani Yadder

+212 5380 50800

This sophisticated restaurant situated in the heart of a hotel in the neighborhood of Les Ambassadeurs serves some amazing Moroccan and European dishes. You have to check out the terrace for dinner, where you have a chance to enjoy seafood, meat, or fish freshly caught from the Atlantic surrounded by stunning greenery. YUM.

restaurants in rabat

Bert’s Café

37, Angle Avenue de France et Rue Melouya

+212 5377 75377

This modern café opened back in the year 2007 near the sea. You’ll find an elegant, cozy atmosphere that is family-friendly and has a number of types of dishes to try. The restaurant is beautifully decorated and you can find free WiFi and outdoor seating–perfect after spending the day in the medina. The menu offers Moroccan snacks, sandwiches, and pizzas–a tribute the country’s mishmash of culture. It’s also popular among locals for brunch.

Golden Fish

BP 450 Souissi

+212 5376 75656

The Golden Fish is located in the heart of the Sofitel Hotel in Rabat. If you want to know what to order here, choose the seafood–it’s fresh and the chef truly brings out some amazing flavors. You’ll find plenty on the menu worth trying out including calamari, fish soup, crab cakes, and more. (Though you can’t go wrong sticking to what they do best!)

Le Georges

5 Rue Oued Baht

+212 5377 75377

This modern restaurant is located in the buzzing neighborhood of Agdal. Here, you can experience original and delicious dishes such as grilled meat, marinated duck, seafood, and much more. For those who want to experience a traditional Moroccan belly dance and music, this is the spot for it! Make sure to ask for reservations because it’s a popular spot among other travelers.

restaurants in rabat
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Al Warda

BP 450 Quartier Aviation Souissi

+212 5376 75656

Al Warda is situated in the heart of Rabat and located right near the Royal Palace (which makes the perfect spot to head to after touring the outside). It’s a bit fancy, so make sure to make reservations in advance and wear some of your better outfits if you plan on going. Seafood is the main star here, though you can find a number of other items worth sampling, as well.

Dar El Yacout

Kasba Temara, Rabat-Sale

+212 661 383840

You have to check out this spot for its architecture! The food is amazing and the atmosphere makes you feel as though you have traveled back in time to the hey-day of the Moorish empire. It can get a little crowded with tourists, but it’s well-worth checking out for the ambiance and the chance to get to hear traditional Moroccan music.

Le Marrakchi

52, Rue des Banques, just off Djemâa El Fna

+212 52444 3377

Overlooking Djemaa El Fna Square is Le Marrakchi, which offers fairly-priced, traditional Moroccan cuisine. In the typical Moroccan style, you have some beautiful surroundings and a free belly dance. Things here are a little expensive, but this restaurant is the perfect opportunity for a night out with your favorite travel partner. Ooh la la!

Le Ziryab

10 Impasse Ennajjar, Rue des Consuls

+212 5377 33636

Located right near a stunning riad (which is worth considering staying at if you have the chance and the cash), this spot offers amazing ambiance and incredible dishes. Best of all, you would be spending much more for a meal like this in the States. Make sure to try some of the more traditional dishes, such as their tajine or their soups.

Borj Eddar

Tunnel des Oudayas

+212 5377 01500

Seafood, seafood, seafood. That’s reason enough to visit this spot–not to mention the amazing views of the Atlantic. Don’t be shocked by the amount of food you will get, since this spot is known for its huge platters of delicious, freshly-caught fish.

Have you ever made it any of these restaurants in Rabat? I would love to hear your recommendations!

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restaurants in rabat

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