Non-Touristy Things to Do in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is filled with an unlimited number of attractions from historical landmarks to beaches, all with a wonderful, vibrant vibe. However, if you’ve seen all the major sights and you’re looking for an opportunity to explore something new, then the city also has a number of other areas and activities that you might want to check out. Barcelona is a town that keeps on giving, and having some extra time to get off the tourist trail can yield some great results.

There’s never enough time to explore Barcelona fully, but if you are looking for some unique attractions, the city has it.

Stroll around the Collserola Natural Park

This park can be found in the hills that surround Barcelona with easy access by public transportation. You have access to hiking trails that pass through the Tibidabo amusement park (which is worth visiting for an hour or so) and head back down into Barcelona. If you’re up for a bit more exploration, you can also head down the other side of the hill to the town of Sant Cugat. It’s one of the best places to see the city–you’ll find a viewpoint perfect for taking photos of the entirety of Barcelona.

non touristy things to do in barcelona

Head to Sants neighborhood for vermouth

Sants is a residential neighborhood located far away the busyness of the Gothic Quarter. The neighborhood has a laid-back atmosphere and a strong sense of community that you can feel even as a visitor. You’ll find old bodegas that look unchanged since the 1960s and affordable prices–especially when it comes to alcohol. Make sure to visit La Bodegueta de Cal Pep, which is a popular hangout among locals to enjoy a glass of vermouth during Sunday lunch.

Enjoy a soccer match in the bar

One of the most non-touristy things to do in Barcelona is to enjoy a local match. Although Camp Nou is one of the largest soccer stadiums in the world and you can attend a game there, it’s not where locals tend to head when they want to see their favorite team. Instead, head to the local bar, where you can get a glimpse of the loyalty Barcelona has for its team. If you are lucky to be in the city during a Barca game and they win, follow the crowds to the Canaletes Fountain on La Rambla–the place where fans have celebrated for decades.

non touristy things to do in barcelona

Go sightseeing at the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site

The Sagrada Familia is among the top spots not to miss while in Barcelona. After you are done exploring and appreciating it, you should make sure to head to the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site. It can be found just up the street and it offers a fascinating example of the architecture from the Modernista movement in Barcelona. The best thing is that it is less crowded and affordable than the cathedral. It was also once a working hospital up until 2009.

Go shopping at Santa Caterina Market

Although La Boqueria is the most-known market in Barcelona, it is usually super crowded with tourists. If you are seeking the more non-touristy things to do in Barcelona and laid-back market experience, choose to head to the Mercat de Santa Caterina located in the old city center instead. The market is not far by public transportation, and it is usually less-crowded than La Boqueria. You also get a chance to view the find majestically-tiled roof that pays tribute to Gaudi’s popular tile work. On top of this, you can enjoy mouth-watering meals and a local feel.

Enjoy relaxed vibe at the beach in Badalona

One of the best things about Barcelona is that most of the major attractions are close to the beach. Most locals in the city do not visit the beach nearby, but head out of town to enjoy some peace and quiet away from the crowds. If you want a more local beach experience and you don’t want to make the trip all the way to the Costa Brava, you can take a short train to the nearby Badalona. This quiet spot is the perfect way for you to relax before you head back into the city and its lively vibe.

Do you have any non-touristy things to do in Barcelona that you like to do?

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non touristy things to do in barcelona

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