Best Places to Go Hiking in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the world’s best spots for hiking because of its natural beauty and stunning alps. Best of all, there are a number hiking trails that provide multiple opportunities for all levels of hikers. No matter which type of hiker you are, there are plenty of options that can offer great views and a decent workout–just make sure to do your research beforehand so you don’t find yourself overwhelmed half-way through the trail. When I was in Switzerland, it reminded me so much of Montana. I hope to make it back there one day soon to explore the hikes more!

Grindelwald to the Faulhorn

If you plan to stay overnight at Faulhorn, then you’ll want to be sure to get up the next morning for the unforgettable sunrise you can experience on this hike. First, head from the town of Grindelwald by gondola to get on the trail leading to Bechalpsee. If the weather isn’t too cold, you can choose to take a dip in Lake Bechalpsee–you’ll freeze, but that’s all part of the experience! From there, you can reach the Faulhorn observation deck by passing through the villages of Burghiutte and Gassenboden. Three famous Swiss mountains can be seen from there: Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau. If you choose to come back the way you came, be warned that the returning trails leading to Faulhorn are a bit more difficult. However, they are worth the extra effort to see Brienzersee Lake and Schynige Platte on the way.

Wildhaus to Santis

From Wildhaus to Santis, you have a chance to walk past some of Switzerland’s most charming places such as Gersellen, Thurwis, and Langenbuel. You may even spot Alpine ibex grazing in the grass if you’re lucky! Rotstein Pass is a good stop for a break or the chance to explore some other hiking trails if you are feeling adventurous. Before you go, check to make sure that weather conditions are suitable at the top of Santis since it can get windy. Worst case scenario, there is an option of the gondola ride to get back to the valley. Snow covers most of the areas even during summers, and you’ll want to be a fairly experienced hiker taking this trail on–consider taking crampons when not hiking during the summer months.

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Oeschinensee Lake 

This lake is famous for its surrounding alpine mountains and turquoise water. Whether you choose just to look or you plan on taking a dip, this is a great hike for beginners and those who don’t want to spend an entire day on the trail. The loop starts in Heuberg and reaches the path above the lake before heading back around to Heuberg. Most likely, you will want to choose a cable car in order to reach the trail head. Make sure you have some sturdy hiking boots, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble walking the areas lake and back down below to Kandersteg. 

Aletsch Glacier Trail 

This is one of Switzerland’s most beautiful and stunning hikes. Along the way, you can view huge mountain peaks for over 13,000 feet high–not too shabby! This trail leads you through the spectacular landscapes of the Aletsch Glacier, Jungfrau, Aletschhorn, the Bietshhorn Mountains, and Marjenlensee Lake. At the end of the trail, a gondola is available to reach the valley. This trail will likely take you several days, so make sure to look into a guide or consider hut-to-hut hiking so you have a chance to rest properly before taking on the next stretch.

Verzasca Valley Trail

The turquoise waters feeding into the Verzasca Dam and the beautiful architecture of remaining Roman bridges are reasons enough to check out this hike. There are two ways to start the hike: you can begin at either Mergoscia or from the Verzasca Dam leading to the Corippo village. The hiking trail then heads to Lavertezzo, where you can spot an ancient Roman bridge. The villages of Gerra, Frasco and Sonogno are on the way, where you can take a break and extend the duration of your hike to two days (highly recommended to in order appreciate the area).

Fuorn Pass to Lu

This popular trail offers a glimpse into some of the oldest pine forests in Europe. Starting from the Fuorn Pass, you’ll then wandering to the Alp da Munt through the many pine trees in the area. You can’t moss the impressive lakes and mountain peak views dotted along the trail and it’s a good option for beginners looking to experience Switzerland’s beauty. At the end of hiking trail, you’ll have a chance to visit the “darkest place in Switzerland”–also known as the village of Lu.

Five Lakes Hike at Pizol

This is one of the best places for hiking in Switzerland because of the five splendid lakes that give the trail its name. These enchanting paths offer a natural habitat for ibex, chamois, and eagles. A cable car is available from Pizol to Pizolhutte where the first lake Wangsersee can be spotted. The west trail leads to the Wildsee Lake and then Schottensee Lake. From there, a short walk from the Pizol Glacier, you can also find the stunning Schwarzsee Lake. If you decide to take the eastern side, you’ll get the chance to see Green Baschalvasee Lake. A cable car will take you back the village of Wangs.

Planet Trail from Saint-Luc to Zinal 

The spectacular and unique walk from the villages of Sun to Pluto is almost three miles one way with a round trip of seven miles. Known as one of the most beautiful hikes in Switzerland. One of the unique aspect of this trail is the way it is set up based on the planets and the distance they each are from the sun. A centimeter of the planet sculptures they have it set up on the trail is equal to 621 miles in diameter. If you’re interested, you’ll start at the village of Luc.

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