Best Places to Go Hiking in Italy

Although Italy is popularly known for its history, cities, and delicious cuisine, it also home to a wide range of hiking options. Hiking in Italy allows you to explore less-crowded destinations and panoramic views. There are plenty of places to go hiking from the mountain trails of northern Italy to nerve-wracking volcano climbs in Sicily.

For me, Italy has it all: wonderful culture and food, and also the chance to get outdoors and see some amazing scenery while you’re at it. After your hike, finish it off with a glass of wine and a plate of pasta!

The Sella-Herbetet Traverse

The Sella-Herbetet Traverse covers 12 miles of trail and it begins and ends in Valnontey. Hiking here is not easy, but you will get a chance to wander around pristine and majestic lakes. The highlight of this hiking spot is the climb to the top of the Gran Paradiso standing at 13,322 feet. Sella-Herbetet Transverse is among the best places to go hiking in Italy because of its spectacular views and opportunities to see wildlife. For animal lovers, you might spot some curious Ibex around the hiking trails or marmots sunning themselves on the nearby rocks.

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Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Dolomites

The Dolomites are among the most majestic mountain ranges in Italy and among the less-visited alpine areas in Europe. This mountain range is filled with idyllic lakes, pristine forests, and limestone peaks to explore. It is also host to numerous trails for any level of hiker. The main trail that most visitors attempt is the Tre Cime di Lavaredo which can be found in the Parco Naturale delle Dolomiti di Sesto. It is also a perfect spot for photographers since there are numerous views suitable for taking Instagram-worthy pictures.

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Sentiero Degli Dei, Amalfi Coast

This trail is also called the “Path of the Gods” and it shouldn’t be missed while in Campania. The trail offers hikers the opportunity to enjoy the stunng, rugged Lattari mountain range that sweeps down to the Mediterranean and Capri Island. The trail also connects Positano to Praino and you can follow it through lemon plantations, terraced hillsides, and rosemary plants.


Stromboli is also known as the “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean” and it is the location of one of the most active volcanoes in Europe. The best spot to go hiking on the island is the Sciara del Fuoco. This spot offers a natural fireworks display and great views. The island offers several types of terrain and a trail that is well-marked, which leads you to the six active craters located right off the main trail. You should keep in mind that Stromboli is an active volcano and can be dangerous at times, so check with the local authorities before you head out for your hike.

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Sicily is a great alternative to Stromboli. Surrounded by series of hiking spots, you can explore the mountainous areas of Mount Etna to the Madonie and Nebrodi mountains. A number of these trails in southeastern Sicily are flat and easy, and the Vendicari Nature reserve along the coast offers some great options for beginners. For an archaeological experience as well as a great workout, you can head to Pantalica Gorge. This spot is home to stone tombs from the seventh to 13th centuries–that way you get both your history and your hiking in!

Selvaggio Blu

This is one of the toughest treks in Italy and also among the most enchanting. The trail links to numerous paths around the Golfo di Orosei‚Äôs rugged limestone cliffs. Although the trail is worth it for the views and the bragging rights, it can be difficult to finish and it is not for the fainthearted. As one of the wildest locations in Italy, most of the sections involve rock climbing and abseiling–advanced hikers should be the only ones to attempt this trail and it is best to go hiking here with a knowledgeable local guide.

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