5 Awesome Destination Bachelorette Party Ideas

I recently just got married, and both my brother and sister are planning on tying the knot next year. Each of us have chosen to do something different, but my to-be sister-in-law is planning an awesome bash in Vegas that I will be attending this winter. Destination bachelorette parties have become more and more common as future brides look to incorporate travel into their schedules outside a honeymoon or destination wedding.

This got me thinking about the fun things that you can do during a destination bachelorette party that you might not be able to if you choose to stay home. Here are some ideas I came up with if you are planning on spending your party with your best friends in a new locale. If you’re looking for destination bachelorette party ideas, then this list has you covered.

1.    Scavenger hunt

This can be one of the most creative and easiest ways to learn about a new city. You can choose to make one yourself that focuses on what you love about your chosen destination, or you might want to consider hiring an expert to help you learn the ropes if it’s your first time there. A scavenger hunt allows you to explore new areas that might be off the beaten path, or help you to discover a new spot even if you’ve been in that city before. Best of all, it gets people bonding with one another very fast.

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2.    Glamping holiday

Not everyone likes to hit the dance floor when they have their bachelorette party. If you’re more like me, you might want to take things a bit slower and head up to the woods. Glamping allows you to enjoy all the fun of the great outdoors without having to worry about sleeping on the ground or using the bathroom in the woods. You might want to choose a spot that allows you to relax by the lake side or where you can set up a campfire and tell stories. It’s a slightly chiller take on a normally crazy weekend that allows you to go into a wedding feeling refreshed.

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3.    Choosing a lesser-known city

Plenty of people choose to go to Nashville or New York City for their bachelorette, but some of America’s smaller cities can also be great choices when you want to experience something new. Napa Valley is perfect for the wine-lover, while Charleston has plenty of nightlife and a stress-free feel at the same time. These places allow you to spend less time waiting for drinks at crowded bars and more time partying. There are plenty of options that are cheaper and can be equally as fun.

4.    Road trip

If you are planning on hosting a smaller party, then a road trip can be a great way to connect with new friends and spend quality time with the bride. You might want to pick a location that has meaning to her, or choose a location a few hours away that helps you to feel like you’re getting away. Not only is it less expensive than booking flights to a far-off destination, but it also makes for solid memories. Car sing along, anyone?

destination bachelorette party ideas

5.    Food tour

As much fun as pub crawls are, they can also be a bit wild (and, face it, you’re probably going to get sloshed without a pub crawl anyway). Before the party begins, an organized food tour or cooking class can fill your stomachs and give everyone time to get to know each other before the night out. You might also learn how to make a new dish while you’re at it! With a food tour, you can go as high class as you would like, or you can tone a party down with homestyle cooking.

Putting together a destination bachelorette party can be a lot simpler when you have a few ideas on hand. Here are some to help you put on the best party possible!

Have you ever thrown a destination bachelorette party? Where did you go?

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2 thoughts on “5 Awesome Destination Bachelorette Party Ideas

  1. Man Mendoza says:

    Excellent recommendations! Personally, for a great bachelor party I always think in Cancun or Playa del Carmen, located in southeastern Mexico, they are great places with excellent weather and lots of fun!

    1. Alex Schnee says:

      Oooh! You’ve inspired me to write another post. 🙂


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