Travel Book Review: Love with a Chance of Drowning

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Nothing is more fun for me while on my travels than taking along a good book. In-between my time back home, I picked up a fun romance/travelogue (at the Dollar Tree of all places). I was in the mood for something light, but the book actually ended up surprising me in a number of different ways. Some of it was good, some bad, but I enjoyed the fact that it was trying to portray a relationship while traveling honestly—something that doesn’t always come across on travel blogs and in literature.

Torre DeRoche wrote this easy-to-digest memoir a few years after she had found her ultimate man, though she thought the few-month relationship was doomed when he admitted that he had plans to sail from San Francisco to the other side of the world. A self-proclaimed “Fearful Adventurer,” Torre documents her choice to follow him as a first mate—even with her fear of the open ocean.

It’s easy to hate on both of the main characters while reading this. You wonder a little bit why Torre insists on complaining about the journey even though she made the choice to go, and why significant other, Ivan, doesn’t make more of an effort to make her feel like she made the right decision. Then again, I’ve never made the leap to sailing around the world, so I’m guessing I would be a pain to deal with—and I love the ocean.

Even though this can sometimes get a little grating (and it could have used a little more editing to tighten up some scenes), I thought Torre was brave for being honest about her relationship and how it’s not always easy adventuring with your partner. I’ve had that experience of traveling with the person I love in difficult scenarios, but my life has never been on the line in the same way. No relationship is perfect, and while I recently read that the couple have split, in some ways I find this story even more important for nomads.

You might have a partner that wants to always travel with you, or it might be someone who manages to get you out of your comfort zone for a bit, but it’s usually better to experience it with someone else.

“Life’s most beautiful things are empty without someone to enjoy them with.”

As someone who has traveled alone and had an amazing time doing that, to someone who happily travels with her boyfriend, I can relate to this sentiment. Daniel has pushed me in ways as a person and as a traveler that I never could have managed on my own, and I’ve been thankful to have someone I can share these experiences with. My travels would have been very different without him, and I think Love with a Chance of Drowning touches on that moment you choose to jump in head-first with the person you love for an adventure.

I’d recommend it if you love romances and you want a light travelogue. You won’t find anything too historically detailed or learn any facts, but it can make you realize that traveling with your partner is still living life together—whether you choose to do it in your rented apartment back home or you buy a sailboat and choose to see the world.

Have you read any other good travel books about relationships?

You can buy Love with a Chance of Drowning here.

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