Travel Gear Review: Cabela’s XPG Snow Hikers

cabelas xpg snow hikers

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Choosing the right gear hiking can be a complete nightmare, which is why I am always hesitant about jumping in and buying something immediately without reading about it online. Also, as an avid hiker, hiking boots are one of the most important gear decisions you can make when you plan to tackle some mountains. They can either make you or break you, so finding the right pair for your feet and what you want to accomplish can take some time.

I wanted a solid pair of hiking boots that I could wear in different weather conditions. I knew that sometimes I might be hiking in the snow, rain, and clear weather, so I needed some shoes that would hold up during all of this. I also wanted something that wasn’t too bulky—at a normal size 5 shoe, it’s hard to find hiking boots that fit correctly and that aren’t too cumbersome.

My parents suggested Cabela’s, which isn’t my usual stop for things like this. It might be because of their branding, but for some reason I had never considered looking at their travel gear and what all they had to offer. It took me about five minutes to find a pair that I thought would work, however. They were just what I needed—boots that I could hike in during the winter and summer with a quality tread and sturdy base without making me feel like I was wearing skies.

I went up a size and a half in order to accommodate thick socks, and I was glad that I made that decision. Since then, I realized anything less than that would have caused rubbing. The sizing might have been a little off, but once I had found the right one, they seemed to fit pretty well.

Of course, the test really begins when you take them out of the store and on your hiking expeditions. It did take a while for these to break in—I wore them around New York City, in Spain, and tried to use them when I went home and went hiking. Once they gave, it was like slipping on a glove.

I wore them recently on the Camino de Santiago—six days straight of hiking for more than ten miles each day. I had only minor rubs (which is totally reasonable after walking so much) after the end of it, and I began to miss the feeling of having them on. They were perfect for my recent trip to Nicaragua and hiking up the Cerre Negro volcano and kept me from getting scratched on my way boarding down.

The best part? I think they’re adorable. They also look almost brand new after all I’ve put them through.

I couldn’t find the boots on Amazon, but they are still available on the Cabela’s website. They’ve also gone down in price. Hiking boots are expensive, but you can get the XPG Snow Hikers for $129.99.

I would recommend these boots for hikers who love to get out in all sorts of weather, but who don’t want to pay for several types of boots in order to do so.

Do you have some travel gear you can’t live without?

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