Why I Don’t Share a Travel Blog with My Boyfriend: Even Though We Travel Together

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For anyone who follows this blog or knows me even vaguely, almost everyone knows my boyfriend, Daniel. We’ve been together almost three years now, and much of that time has been spent traveling the world as a couple. Together, we’ve been to four continents as a team, and it’s likely we will continue to see much of the rest of the world together. With all this time and traveling together, and add in the fact that we’re both writers, and you would think we would share a travel blog.

But, honestly, there’s something about couples’ travel blogs that I know wouldn’t work for us.

I don’t think all of these blogs are bad, and if writing and traveling together has added meaning and increased intimacy and respect for one another, then I see nothing wrong with that. But the travel blogging world is weird. More often than not, most travel blogging couples that I see end up breaking up, dissolving into nasty fights over social media, or apologizing for not being honest with readers about the status of their relationship.

Daniel had traveled a lot before we ended up together, and I had experienced my own travels and lived abroad as a single person. We both had separate careers and interests. I was working as a freelance travel writer, and even when I had the chance to include him on this blog, we both agreed it was best that I had my own place to talk about my journeys. While we could have decided to write about our travels together, it made sense to have our own outlets.

I’ve included a few of his guest posts, but he has a very different way of looking at the world than I do. I greatly appreciate this because it brings a whole new layer of insight to my travels (and my life). Since he’s been running his own blog, I’ve had an opportunity to read his posts and see his mind at work, which is something I don’t know if we could have equally accomplished running a joint site.

Being in a serious (happy) relationship has brought an incredible addition to my life as a traveler, but I often wonder about those who have couples’ blogs as travelers and how they feel about airing some of their laundry for others to see. If you have a solid relationship, I could see it being just another aspect of life you share—but it would be difficult to come together and work together if things were strained.

For my own purposes, I was a traveler and writer before Daniel and I am a traveler and writer after, too. I need my own outlet to convey my thoughts, just as he needs his. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have some of the same opinions sometimes. Recently, we visited the cathedral/mosque in Cordoba and were both astounded by its strangeness. But for me, it’s a lot more interesting to understand it in his own words.

Everyone has their own way of traveling and experiencing our world. And perhaps some people do it as a couple. For me, I’m glad Daniel and I have our individual perspectives and things that make us tick. It might be easier as a couple to brand ourselves that way (most certainly in the travel industry), but creating our own sites has been one of the best ways for us to explore the world—it allows us to be our own selves and takes off a lot of the pressure of enjoying the same activities and destinations.

Do you run a couples’ travel blog? Is it something you enjoy or no?

Keep wandering,

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  1. Jesper, The Biveros Effect

    Interesting thoughts for sure. I guess that it all depends on what kind of relationship you have. I’m running our blog together with my wife and it has been smooth so far. Sure, we can disagree about a few minor things related to the blog, but that has only caused interesting and developing discussions about how to improve the blog.

    The blog is not considered our most important project. Our jobs and traveling are more important and even those are not considered important compared to our small daughter. 🙂

    Traveling brings us closer together and by writing about it, we remember the good times that we have had together. 🙂

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      Alex Schnee

      I think that’s awesome! When couples’ blogs are a joint effort, I think they’re very fun to read and it’s a special thing to share. And how wonderful for your daughter to some day look back on your trips together!

  2. Katherine

    We do, but I’m mostly the one who does the research and writes. My partner provides the photos in our trips.

    I love reading couple’s blogs just to know how they get along in real life and in blogging.

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      Alex Schnee

      I think it’s great that you’re authentic. When I see problems with most traveling couples, they don’t want to admit that anything is wrong. I think it ends up biting them later. So it’s wonderful to hear that you’re honest with readers–couples don’t always get along and that’s okay.

  3. Suzanne Fluhr

    Especially because you had a career and identity as a writer prior to your relationship, I think you’re smart to keep your writing and blogs separate, perhaps with an occasional joint guest post if you think there is a couples’ travel aspect you want to cover in a post. My husband and I have been married for 35 (gulp) years, but it has always been important to me to know that if I had to, I could function on my own.

  4. vickiviaja

    I also travel with my partner. He designed my blog and helped me getting started (he’s a web designer) but we often have too different opinions on things that it might not fit to both of us if we’d ran that blog together. He has many ideas that he shares with me. What I should write about and what I should mention but in the end it is my project. So I can totally understand you.

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