Travel Under Trump: What to Expect

travel under trump

There has been a vast amount of changes over the past few days from the White House that have no doubt concerned many. As a traveler and someone who believes that travel can change perspectives and motives, I am severely worried about President Trump’s Muslim ban (and thrilled that we might have a repeal) and the effect that this will have on creating a more understanding world. I’ve been reading about the worries many travelers are facing and what we should expect over the next few months.

Here are some complications you might run into when traveling under the new presidency.

Expect longer lines—and more prejudice.

If you’ve been to any of the “banned” countries, you might find yourself detained—even if you are a United States citizen. Trump’s ban doesn’t include those born in the States, but you might be targeted over the next few months while immigration reform finds its footing. It’s also likely that the lines at customs will be longer as you wait for others to go through. Regardless, don’t expect a quick pass through the airport if you are traveling internationally.

Fewer foreign students.

If you are thinking about studying abroad, you might want to think twice (which is a horrible thing I regret to say). Thousands of students have been stranded because of the recent ban and the uncertainty that comes with the new presidency. It breaks my heart to suggest that students think twice about leaving their home for an experience learning abroad, but because things are so up in the air at the moment, make sure to do your research before you choose to study abroad at a United States school or in a country that might cause you to be separated from family.

Retaliation bans.

It was bound to happen—but several countries have taken steps toward a retaliation ban for United States travel, including Iraq and Iran. This makes it much more difficult for business travelers to visit these countries (and a lot of business is conducted there). Before you think about booking a ticket, keep in mind that you might be detained if traveling back and forth from a Muslim country. I encourage you to go regardless, but know that you might be playing with fire until the ban is completely repealed and other countries repeal their bans.

Eventually, the dollar will slip.

Right now, the United States economy is surging (despite the worries the new president has wrought) and it’s been a good time for Americans to travel. Don’t expect this forever, though. It’s inexpensive now, but it’s unlikely that it will continue to be so. While this shouldn’t discourage you if you are planning your vacation, it is something to keep in mind.

Over the next few months, we’ll have to keep an eye on the news and to make sure that most travelers get home safe. Please keep safe, fellow wanderers. We’re all in this together.

Always keep wandering,

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