5 Ways You Might Get Ripped Off When Traveling

ripped off

Traveling is an amazing opportunity, but there are plenty of negative experiences that could ruin a part of your trip. Getting ripped off, for example, is likely to put you in a bad mood.

To maximize the good times, here are some top tips to help you avoid getting ripped off when you’re in other countries.

1. Research the top risks at your destinations

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Barcelona is known for pickpockets, car theft is common in Belgium, and criminals sometimes pose as plainclothes policeman in Spain. Knowing some of the common threats where you’re travelling to can help you be vigilant. Remember to separate your money, use ATMs carefully, use the safes at hotels, and check out these countries with the highest rate of theft.

2. Check the hire car

If you’re hiring a car for your trip, it’s important to inspect the vehicle carefully before you drive off. As the Secret Traveller says, taking photos and making a note of all the existing damages could save you a lot of hassle at the end. If they try to claim you made a dent or scratch, you can easily prove it was already there.

3. Review bills

Unfortunately, some people take advantage of tourists. It’s not uncommon for restaurants, bars and hotels to try their luck by adding some additional fees onto your bill. Be sure to check it over and don’t be afraid to query anything that seems odd. Just remember to be polite. After all, it might be an honest mistake they can quickly fix.

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4.Watch your Wi-Fi usage

A lot of hotels advertise free Wi-Fi–and attract a lot more customers by doing so. But watch out. That internet usage is usually capped, meaning you could get charged by browsing social media for too long. Check the limits and ask how much additional time costs before you log on.

5. Be wary of your guide

Not all guides and tour escorts will be “out-and-out villains,” says The Telegraph. But it’s important to know they might not have your best interests at heart, the newspaper adds. They often get commission by taking you to particular tourist spots and shops. Their recommendations might just be the places paying them the most. Feel free to ignore their suggestions and head elsewhere.

How do you avoid getting ripped off?

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