How Much Travel is Too Much Travel?: Knowing the Right Amount for You

Travel Too Much

I’ve been a “digital nomad” for around two and a half years now. I’ve had a chance to travel all over the world and to have incredible experiences, from seeing the northern lights in Iceland to kayaking down the Amazon. However, I have never really had the chance to develop roots in a particular place. Being on the road isn’t always easy. I have trip after trip planned for the next few months (and after just getting back from Greece and Egypt and after currently being in Guatemala), I’ve started wondering when you know you’ve been traveling too much.

I always admire fellow digital nomads who manage to keep going year after year. They never seem to slow down or to wonder what life would be like if they had a bit more stability. I scroll my social media pages and see other young women exclaiming how they are having the time of their lives and how they want to continue their lifestyles forever.

The truth is, you can get burned out on anything. Before I began this great journey, I was a homebody, choosing instead to stay home and read a book instead of exploring my world. Things have changed greatly for me, but every now and then I have a feeling in the pit of my stomach where I wish I had something a bit more permanent. How much travel is too much travel? When does it become not a way of life but a way to get through life or to escape it?

It’s not any easy question to answer, and it doesn’t mean I want to slow down any time soon—it’s just that I know my days where I can feasibly travel the world without major expenses and a job that doesn’t cover my health insurance are limited. There is no manual for life, and I’ve been doing the best I can in a world that hasn’t given me much security to begin with as a member of Generation Y.

The real question is how much travel is too much travel for you as an individual. Some can just keep tramping a perpetual journey around the world. I need time to come home every now and then, to see friends and family, and to know that I have a place in this world and that I’m not running away from anything.

What is the right amount of travel for you?

Keep wandering,

Alex Signature Wander


10 thoughts on “How Much Travel is Too Much Travel?: Knowing the Right Amount for You

  1. Great post. People always call travel an “escape”, but I genuinely like to be home. For me, travel (challenge and stimulation) and home (comfort-zone) have to be in a healthy balance.

    1. I totally agree. It can be a little challenging to balance both sometimes, but it’s worth it in the end when you have a place to come home to. Thanks for stopping by and the follow!

  2. nomad life definitely starts to wear after a while. I agree with you though, we won’t have the ability and the energy to do so forever — better to get those memories now, while we can

  3. The love for travel is such that there never comes a feeling that ‘the amount of travel is too much or too less ‘.One just goes with the flow.

  4. Great post, Alex… For me it´s like people always they “You´re on holiday all the time”. Even when I studied Tourism-Management, most of reactions were “You are studying `holiday´?”. But after all, travelling is not always just fun, it´s really stressful sometimes. And as you said everyone probably has a different level to which travelling is still the best alternative to settle down. xx, Ella

  5. Just like a balanced diet, we all need a little all the “food” groups in our lives. To us traveling matters! and it is one of the “food” groups. But it is not the largest component. Having family and friends close by is another import “food” group!

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