4 Things to See and Do in Montreal

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We decided to head to Montreal a few months ago in order to get away from the New York scene and to see a new part of Canada. I had only been to western Canada, so I was looking forward to enjoying a new part of the country and seeing some new sights. (I also figured I could practice my rusty French.)

Here are the things I enjoyed the most about visiting Montreal.

The street art.

Street Art Montreal

I had heard that Montreal had some great street art, but I was even more impressed than I had expected to be. What I loved most about the art was that it was creative—and it also featured themes from the area. It was wonderful to walk around the corner and see something new and completely unique.

The poutine.

Poutine Cuisine Montral

When we asked the locals if there were any dishes we needed to try, they highly recommended poutine, a dish of French fries, meat (if you want it), and cheese dripped all over the top. I enjoyed poutine the first time, and even the second, but it was clear that you should moderate how much you eat because it is really filling. Make sure you try it, just know you’ll feel sick if you have too much.

The architecture.

House Montreal Architecture

One of the things that I loved the best about the city was the architecture. Inspired by French and English design, it was a city also trying to represent the modern while holding on to colonial roots. I looked seeing modern buildings along with very old ones that had been refurbished.

Cathedral Notre Dame

Also, I enjoyed the Notre Dame Cathedral in the center of the city. Modeled after the one in Paris, it was interesting to visit a more modern interpretation of gothic architecture.


Schwartz's Montreal Deli

Not finished with the cuisine of Montreal yet, we headed to Schwartz’s deli. Established as the place to get smoked meat in the city, Schwartz’s has been around since 1928 and it claims to be the oldest deli in Montreal. The meat was as good as we thought it would be—and it was also filling despite the fact from looks it seemed like a small sandwich. It felt awesome to be in a place with so much history, and I listed this as a “must-do” when visiting Montreal.

Daniel Chris Schwartz's

Where have you been in Montreal that you’ve loved?

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