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After trying a number of different food subscription services, I’ve definitely found ones that have been better suited for the Generation-Y lifestyle than others. I was interested to try MunchPak, a service that includes snacks from all over the world delivered to your door. When I opened the box, I was surprised to see that it was full of foods—there was much more in there than I would have thought. It took me several days to get through it all. Here are some of my favorite foods that came in the MunchPak box.

MunchPak Snacks Review

Lotte Belgium Waffles

Lotte Waffles MunchPak

While these aren’t the real thing, they come very close. For those who love these waffles and who have found them in Europe, this offers a great substitute. Dripped in syrup and small enough to take with you in your bag, this was by far one of the best choices in the pack.

Pepero Sticks

Pepero Sticks MunchPak

I first had some of these when I was younger and a friend returned from Korea, bringing them back as a gift. Snacking on these was like going back to childhood, and they provided some much needed chocolate for me late at night without feeling too guilty about it.

Fini Roller Candy

Roller Candy Munchpak

Like a fruit rollup, this candy also had some sour flavor. What I liked best about this was the fact that it wasn’t too sour, and the blue raspberry flavor felt acceptable to eat as an adult. I remember having something similar in Norway, but I enjoyed this specific candy much better.

Haitai Chocokit Panda

Chocokit Panda MunchPak

This would be a great snack for children on the road. Not only can they make their own panda faces, but the crackers taste like animal crackers you would get at your local grocery stores. I personally wasn’t so much of a fan of the chocolate that was used, but it’s something that children would love.

Lotte Milk Caramel

Lotte Milk Caramel

These small candies were the perfect thing to stick in my mouth when traveling. I liked them better than gum, and there were a lot of them in the box. It was also the right size to put in my pocket and to take with me as I went.

Laser Pop Projector Candy

Laser Pop Candy

This candy was both fun and tasty. You could shine a light through the candy like a flashlight, and it works very much like a Ringpop. Again, this would be great for kids and to expose them to other cultures and different types of foods.


At $9.95 a box, MunchPak is the most affordable subscription service featuring foods from other countries available. While I enjoyed the snacks, I definitely felt like this would be the perfect product for travelers with young kids. It’s easily to bring along in the car, and none of the snacks are totally “out there” so young ones will enjoy them.

You can also buy the MunchPak Mini, which has 5 snacks, or the FamilyPak that has 20. Thanks so MunchPak for giving me a box to try and review.

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