6 Places I Want to Go On an Ultimate European Road Trip

Road Trip Europe

Plans never stay the same, and when you’re working as a digital nomad, you have to jump on certain opportunities. What started out as something small (my boyfriend is planning on meeting me in Europe) became huge (giant road trip across Europe), and I can’t help but think about what place I want to see along the way. I’m a dreamer, as most travelers are. This also marks a special trip for me and the bf—I’m hoping to hit up Prague because it is the place where I fell in love with him. Along with that spot, here are some others I’ve been thinking about on an ultimate European road trip.

Road Map Trip


Santorini Greece Pretty
Image courtesy of Maggie Meng via Flickr Creative Commons.

There’s something about this island that has been calling to me lately. I don’t know if it’s the opportunity to ride on a donkey through the gorgeous white-washed buildings or the chance to eat Greek food again (major part of it), but Santorini is definitely one of the top destinations on my list.


Krakow Poland Europe
Image courtesy of Gabriela Fab via Flickr Creative Commons.

Poland has been a country on my list for a while now, mainly because I want to check out the scene in Krakow. More and more young people are choosing this spot as a place to visit, and for me, it serves as an opportunity to see some glorious mountains not too far away (I’m addicted to mountain views).


Beer Munich Oktoberfest
Image courtesy of James Almond via Flickr Creative Commons.

Coincidence that we are hoping to head toward Germany during Oktoberfest? I think not. I’m hoping to explore some of my German roots while enjoying a few brews (ahem) and exploring part of Europe that I never have before. Also, um, beer.


Berlin Germany Travel
Image courtesy of zoetnet via Flickr Creative Commons.

There’s so much history in Berlin, and it would be a shame not to check it out while we are already close to Munich. I’m always down for a long bus ride if I get a chance to read along the way, and I’ve heard so much about how Berlin is an artistic area for young people today. I’m hoping I’m not sick of beer after all this.


Split Croatia Europe
Image courtesy of Lee Cannon via Flickr Creative Commons.

After only visiting Zagreb in Croatia (and honestly, not loving it), I’m looking forward to trying a few new other spots—especially Split. Because I’m looking to enjoy some warm weather, Split seems like the perfect place to relax for a while and to take it easy before hitting the road again. Also, day trips to some of the other sights seems like a great idea.


Nice Travel France

Although I have already been to the south of France, it was more than three years ago. I remember trying some of the delicious foods and wines and loving the water of the Mediterranean. Also, Daniel has never been here, and I feel like it’s a good way for us to enjoy a few days of relaxation while seeing a new location.

Any place you would want to go on an ultimate European road trip?

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22 thoughts on “6 Places I Want to Go On an Ultimate European Road Trip

  1. How exciting! I have been to Europe a few times but never on a road trip there. It would be so nice to have the freedom of the road and the ability to go where ever you want. I am yet to make it to Krakow, Santorini and Spllit so those would be on my list too!

  2. I’m sure you’ll love Berlin, I’ve been twice and am considering moving there! It’s not as close to Munich as you might think, but as there’s no speed limit on the autobahn, make sure you hire a fast car to cut down that journey time! :p

  3. The outline of that coastal road trip looked amazing! I love that Tirana was included in the list since I live in Albania right now. All great selections here too!

  4. Drove across Europe and Asia last summer and is was AMAZING! Ironically did not hit any of the places here on your list, haha. BUT! You’ll have an amazing time once you do it!! Berlin is AMAZING.

  5. I’m surprised you don’t have any Italian places on your list. I think that my ultimate European trip should include at least a few days in Italy. I love the mentality there, the nature, the architecture, the food and of course, the wine 🙂

    1. I hear you! I lived in Italy for two years and got to see most of it, so I’m looking to expand a bit from what I know. But there is a part of me that will always want to go back. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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