Product Review: Try the World Snack Box

Try the Snack

I’ve tried some food subscription services in the past, and I’ve liked most of them. However, I’ve always enjoyed the concept almost more than the actual service. Try the World was one of those products for me. Although I loved the idea, Try the World was definitely more suited to an older generation who could afford to pay $40 USD a month. It was also a little unwieldy to take around with you when you’re traveling.

Enter the Try the World Snack Box. Packaged in a much smaller, much more portable box, the product is meant for young travelers. Including a number of snacks from around the world, the snack box is marketed to those who want to bring some pieces of different countries with them without weighing themselves down.

Try World Croquants

Croquants a L’Ecorce d’Orange from Orientines

After just coming back from Morocco, these delicious little snacks are the perfect bite-sized bits to have with some tea. They taste a little bit like orange, but they’re not too sweet. Like all the products included in the box, they’re easily portable. I stuck this one in my backpack on a trip to Montreal. I found these delightfully tasteful and they brought back some of the memories of having tea in the desert.

Thai Rice Crackers

Rice Crackers: Thai Spice Flavored

These small crackers sounded like they wouldn’t taste that great (what is “Thai spice”?) but they were actually amazing. Despite the fact that they were weirdly-colored, they were just the right amount of spicy and sweet. Think of it as Asian-style popcorn—the perfect snack for a long car ride.

Ginger Snap Try

Nyaker’s Ginger Snaps

After some savory snacks, it was nice to bite into something sweeter. These ginger snaps were cracker-sized, and there were plenty in the box for a number of different people. Again, they weren’t too sweet (partially what I love about dessert from other countries), and so they made a great snack that you didn’t feel too guilty about eating. (Because I ate half a box.)

Cranberries Try World

Biokia Dried Cranberries

Made of real berries, these tasted a lot like Craisins. The healthiest item in the box, I was glad to have something a bit better for me than the other items. There wasn’t much in the package, but it tasted good and again, was easily transportable, which I loved.

Truffles Try World

Truffettes de France Cocoa Truffles

Best way to finish the snack box? Some delicious French truffles. They were just the right amount of decadent and easy to pop in your mouth. There are also a lot in there, so you’ll be full after consuming all of them. Warning: they’re addictive.

Verdict? This was more what I was looking for the first time around with Try the World, and they delivered. For only $15 a month, I felt this was more than worth what was advertised, and the fact that it was portable made it a great option specifically for Generation-Y travelers.

Try the World has also been awesome and has offered a coupon code (SCHNEE15) to anyone who wants to give it a go! Feel free to use and share with friends.

Keep wandering,

Alex Signature Wander


5 thoughts on “Product Review: Try the World Snack Box

  1. Hi Alex, This is a great review! I’ve thought about signing up for the Taste the World subscription for awhile but like a lot of young people, my schedule is somewhat unpredictable so I never know when I will be home/if I’ll be around to cook and eat what they send. I think the snackbox would be a great compromise, like you said, so that you can take things on the road with you!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I hear you. I loved the idea but it was just too unwieldy and the products weren’t portable at all. Much better option for those always on the road.

      Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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