Keep It Together: Product Review of The Travel Bra

travel bra review

I was recently sent the Travel Bra, a sports bra designed to keep things in order for you when you are on the road. As a notorious bra-stuffer (wallet, phone, keys, whatever), I was really interested in trying this product and seeing how it would function from some of the other sports bra I owned. I was sent a small size in the mail to try out and to see how it would work in a real world context.

Travel Bra Front

Pluses? A lot. Made of 100% bamboo, the bra is extremely comfortable and and fit nicely. It has a mesh backing that I think would be nice for hot, humid weather. I wore it in Morocco and loved how it kept its shape even though I wore it off and on for several days. It’s not something I would expect from bamboo, but it more than delivered in that category.

Travel Bra Side

I decided to use it as I would any other sports bra and wear it on my run. To my surprise, it worked better than some of my other bras. I feel like it would work great for adventure travelers and women participating in activities where they need a bra that will support them and that they can store some valuables in.

Travel Bra Pocket

What the bra is mainly supposed to be used for is holding valuables within the provided pockets. There is a credit card slot, a pocket in the strap for necklaces or other jewelry, and an expandable pocket that you can put your phone, wallet or passport in. I loved the concept, especially as someone who has utilized a bra to hold things in, but the way the pockets are sewn in, it can be difficult to access your valuables when you need them. Unless you want to reach inside your shirt for a few minutes to get everything, holding cash and credit cards in there might not be the best idea.

Travel Bra Holder

Would I recommend the travel bra? Absolutely. If you are an active woman on the road, this bra seems like it can stand anything. Just remember not to put anything in there that you might need to access later.

The Classic Travel Bra is available on the website for $59.95.

Thanks to the The Travel Bra for the product and the chance to try it out.

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