3 Tasty Foods to Try in Belgium

foods in belgium

There are so many reasons to consider traveling to Brussels. I loved the history and the combination of a friendly atmosphere and incredible architecture, the kindness of the people, and most of all, the food. It’s been a few years since I was last in Belgium, but I still remember having some amazing dishes unlike any other I had tried in Europe. Here are some of my favorite, unforgettable food items that you might want to try on your trip to Brussels.

Belgium Square Architecture

1. Beer

Beer Brussels Belgium

There’s a reason why Belgium beer is touted as amazing. Beer culture is a huge part of visiting Belgium, and the fact that it is brewed not far away from many of the main cities makes it taste all the better. I stopped by the Rooster’s Bar when I was there, where I was treated to a variety of different imported and local beers. I ended up choosing the Anker Pils. The average Belgian drinks up to 84 liters of beer a year, and it tends to be a little stronger than what we are used to in the States. A pint was more than enough to make me feel a little woozy while walking around and admiring the architecture.

2. Waffles

Waffles Brussels Belgium

This is both a cautionary tale and an encouraging one. To say that Belgian waffles changed my life is not even close to an overstatement. You’ll want to check out Rue au Beurre, though there are plenty of waffle houses throughout the city center. I purchased a waffle with simple strawberry toppings and whipped cream, but there are just as many combinations as there are people, so whether you are craving something simpler or you are looking to go all out, you’ll find exactly what you are craving. The warning I have for you? Once you try one of these, it’s unlikely that you will want to have waffles anywhere else again.

3. Chocolate

Chocolate Fountain Brussels

There’s an ongoing and somewhat vocal war about which country in Europe has the best chocolate. I haven’t pinpointed the exact spot on the continent that has the best chocolate, but Brussels has to be one of the top spots. The hardest part? Finding the perfect chocolate factory to stop inside. I had an affinity for L’art du Chocolat. In addition to the opulent fountains, any chocolate item that you could ever want is available for purchase or to ship back home if you want. Just be aware of prices—you’ll want to be prepared to pay a little more. All chocolates are made in-house and most businesses have a tradition of chocolate-making for hundreds of years.

City Belgium Brussels

I’m hoping to make it back soon. I haven’t had a waffle in three years and this list is making me hungry. Have some favorite spots in Brussels that you want to share?

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