Review of the New Activeon CX Action Camera

Activeon Camera Review

I was recently asked to try out the new Activeon camera while on my journeys. I was sent a camera, waterproof shell, plates to change the color of the camera, a selfie stick, mounts, mini SD card, and head strap from the Activeon representatives. I thought I would give to a try on my recent trip to Mexico and see how it compared to some of the other action cameras on the market like the GoPro—a staple accessory for Generation-Y travelers over the past few years.


After charging it up, I immediately thought I would take the camera to the beach where I could test out the underwater shell, the selfie stick, and the head strap. One of the major positive aspects of this camera is that it costs less than many of the action cameras on the market. While the basic GoPro Hero4 retails at $299 (and GoPro Hero Silver with an LCD screen goes for $399), the Activeon CX is only $199.99. I felt this was much more reasonable to ask of Generation-Y members to pay than the GoPro.

Chacala Mexico Activeon

The picture quality was also impressive, and I thought the best part of the camera. I took a few underwater videos and felt like the HD quality was more than up-to-par from what I had experienced with a GoPro camera. The waterproof shell also worked extremely well and I was satisfied with all of the pictures I took and the quality.


One of the biggest issues I ran into with the camera was how reliant it was on having the cellphone app to run it. I know this is the biggest problem with action cameras to begin with, but it would have been nice to be able to take a selfie or walk a few feet away from my phone without having to worry about whether I was getting the footage I wanted. It’s definitely an option to go without connecting to the app with the WiFi-integrated camera, but it was impossible to actually use the selfie stick for what it was for—you would have had to set a timer function.

Ocean Mexico Activeon

The LCD screen was both a plus and a minus. It would be hard to have a camera without one at this point (especially after the view we get with our cellphones), but it also made navigation hard. I longed for a button that I could press and not to have to worry about the rest like a simpler model of the GoPro.


I will absolutely keep using this camera, and I look forward to playing around with it a little bit more—I think it’s the kind of thing that requires some time and experience in order to get the maximum benefit out of it. I am definitely planning on using it this winter as part of my travels.

Mexico Beach Activeon

Stills are pictures that I took with the Activeon CX. Thanks to the Activeon team for the camera and accessories!


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