Benefits of Purchasing a One-Way Ticket

It’s funny how many travelers I know who still don’t know how beneficial purchasing multiple one-way tickets can be. I’ve taken trips where I’ve had plenty of stop-overs (which can be one of the best ways to visit friends or to check out a new location) where a one-way has been a life-saver. Plus, they’re also much cheaper than purchasing a round-trip or multi-city ticket. Here are some benefits I’ve found to purchasing a one-way:

You often pay less.

I recently decided to fly home from a trip to Mexico in the next month or two to spend some time with my family. I first used the multi-city tool that STA Travel has, which had helped me out before on several occasions. For a flight from New York City to Puerto Vallarta to Kalispell, MT and back to New York, it would cost me around $1000. After looking the different legs of the flight up online, I found that by purchasing several one-ways, it would cost me around $700—a significant price difference. Airlines are not counting on you taking the time to find out individual flights, and this can work to your advantage if you do have the time and inclination.

You have time to stop and explore.

I stopped over in New York last year on my way to Iceland to see some friends. I had a great time catching up with them doing New York stuff. If I had simply purchased a round-trip ticket, I would have missed out on seeing them and my life actually would have ended up going a very different direction than it has if I would have skipped over NYC. It gave me the chance to catch up on some things that really mattered—and I got to see some fantastic Broadway shows and the opera (my favorite) while I was there.

You often have more discounts.

While most rewards programs have gone the way of mileage, a few airlines or booking companies still offer discounts based on whether you have an account with them and how many flights you have booked opposed to how far of a distance they are. When you book with more one-ways, you’re more likely to get discounts or deals with these companies than if you book a round-trip or two. You might want to take a look and check to see whether the booking site you are planning on using has a reward system based on how many tickets you buy opposed to miles.

Have you found some benefits to booking a one-way?

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