Off the Road: Relaxing from Traveling

relaxing from traveling

I wrote an article about a year ago about how taking a break from traveling can be a good thing. As much as we all would like to continually wander, the reality is that sometimes you are going to have some points in your life where you will have to rest and regroup. Here are some ways I’ve managed to make the waiting points between journeys more bearable.

Have something to look forward to.

Knowing you have something you’ll enjoy on the horizon can make a huge difference when you are tied down to one place. I like to have long-term big things and short-term small things to be excited about in my future. I have a trip to Mexico planned in a few months, but I’m also looking forward to heading to Six Flags this weekend. Having both things to look forward to makes it feel like there is a goal in sight and so I get less bored.

Recognize we all need time to regroup.

As much as I love continually being on the road, I know this isn’t sustainable for more than a few months. You run out of cash, or start missing home, or you can just get worn out. I’ve learned that every few months I need a home base to relax, work, and figure out my next few plans. We all need some time to put together plans for the future, even if it’s a little less exciting than actively traveling.

Allow yourself to be bored.

When you are on your adventure, you’re constantly exposed to new stimuli. Whether it’s heading to a museum or trying new food, it’s hard to be bored when you’re in the midst of a new culture and meeting new people. But when you are resting at home or at your temporary home base, you’re stuck with the same old routine. Learning to accept that there are times when you’re going to feel restless and you’re going to want to be somewhere else can help you to feel like your emotions are natural. (They are.)

Most of all, be easy on yourself. Your natural inclination is to roam, and you’re fighting that instinct. Know that it’s not forever but just for now.

How do you cope when not on the road?

Keep wandering,

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