A Tale of Two Hostels: Where to Stay in Ljubljana

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I was in Ljubljana a few months ago and I ended up staying at two different hostels when I was there. Part of the fun in staying in a location for maybe a few days longer than normal is that you get to experience the culture and enjoy a few more spots. I stayed at Vila Veselova for one night before making my way to Zagreb and a few nights at the Celica Art Hostel not far away from the bus and train station. Here’s some thoughts I had on each location and which might suit you better during your time in Ljubljana.

Vila Veselova

I stayed in an eight person mixed dorm at this little converted house on the edge of town. It was about a twenty-minute walk from the train station, which was tough with a backpack on—not a great beginning to a hostel that claims to be backpacker-friendly. However, the rooms were charming and the bed set-up made it possible for a feeling of privacy even in an eight bedroom. The staff is friendly and the entire place offers a homey feel compared to some sterile hostels you can find suited to backpackers.

There’s also a free breakfast in the morning with a variety of breakfast items. Again, the hostel is pretty laid back, so there’s a communal sharing of food. If you want a more charming feel, this might be a better option for you than some of the other hostels available in the area.


The Celica Art Hostel

For a bit more of a novel stay, the Celica Art Hostel offers rooms in a former prison in the old part of town. Though it looks a bit creepy from the outside, the inside offers clean rooms (even though beds are on the floor and you’re on top of your fellow roommates) in the former jail cells. This layout definitely requires you to get friendly with your new inmates.

There’s also a bar and semi-restaurant located on the main floor where you can order snacks and some food items during the day. The prices are a bit expensive, and you have to pay for breakfast, so it might be worth it to head to the city center where you can get a better beer and food for the same price.


Overall, I enjoyed both for different reasons. They both had their upsides and downsides, but I would say choose one over the other depending on your personality. If you want some privacy and are just in town for a night, the Vila Veselova might be a good option (just make sure to take a cab in the morning if you need to get somewhere). If you are thinking about meeting some new people and the novelty of the place, consider the Celica Art Hostel.

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