Ryanair Tips and Tricks: How to Manage Budget Airlines

Ryanair Travel Tips

Ryanair has recently stated that they are planning on adding a new fleet of planes and flights from the United States to Europe. If you know anything about Ryanair, you’ll know that it has its good points and bad points, but that it’s also one of the best ways to get around Europe on a budget. I’m flying from Budapest to Pisa in a few weeks, and it only ended up costing me $40 USD—not bad to get from one spot to another. Here are some tips and tricks I have found when you are thinking about taking a budget airline around Europe.

Be open to your choice in destination.

If you are planning on hitting up a specific destination, it’s a good idea to plan a few weeks in advance. Though nothing is more fun than a spontaneous choice in destination, you might find that the prices will be bumped up a lot if you choose a place at the last moment or a spot where few flight head to. Sometimes it’s almost more fun to see what they have on their website for deals and which ones would work with your schedule and your budget.

Don’t check your luggage.

Ryanair has a strict policy on the size of suitcase you can take with you. You’ll want to have a carry-on suitcase for the journey, and checking baggage is not only a pain but it can also cost you a ridiculous amount. Most airports will charge you up to fifty euro, so keep that in mind if you are planning on taking a long trip and you need to pack a bit more than for just a few days.

Print your boarding pass beforehand.

Unlike other airlines, you will get a confirmation email that will include your boarding pass when you have booked your flight. Make sure that you print this out before, because if you don’t they will charge you at the checkout desk and you might not be let on the flight. It’s a good idea to save that email under a folder so it’s easy to access and you can get to it quickly when you need to fly out.

Have you ever flown Ryanair or another budget airline? Any tips?

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  1. Travel Tess

    Funny how Ryan Air announced and then decided to change their mind about opening up routes to North America. I have no issue with them myself, but some people just absolutely despise them. The bottom line though is if you follow your tips and keep your expectations low, you should be fine.

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