Traveling Europe: Best Method to the Madness

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I’ve had some friends recently ask me what the best way to get around Europe is—they want to see a lot of it, and with only a limited amount of time and resources, it can be hard to make a choice. Here are some things I’ve found by traveling throughout Europe over the past few years.

Check out Ryanair.

They have the mostly fair reputation of being one of the worst airlines in the world, but on a two-hour flight, the last thing you really care about is comfort. Getting from point A to point B, this might be your best option. They have some incredibly cheap options when you want to head to some of the major cities in Europe, and they often have deals that are more than reasonable for the Generation Y traveler.

Go by bus.

I personally love taking the bus. Though it takes a lot more time, the new buses around Europe offer wifi, refreshments, entertainment, and the opportunity to relax and enjoy the countryside. You might have to factor a bit more time into your schedule, but it’s a lot less stressful than trying to coordinate your flight and it gives you a chance to see what the rest of the country looks like—if only from the road.

Rent a car.

Some friends have asked me whether renting a car is a good option in Europe, and most the time I would give the advice not to. You have to usually be 24 to rent a car in Europe, to be able to provide all documents, and if by chance you get into an accident, it can cost you a ridiculous amount of money since making repairs is usually more expensive than in the States.

Go all out with a Eurorail Pass.

If you have the time, going by Eurorail can end up saving you some money and traveling by train is definitely one of the most enjoyable ways to go. Usually the most stressful part about traveling this way is making sure you get on the train on time and make the right transfers, but that’s a lot easier now that you can book online and there are applications available for you to track where you are.

What is your favorite way to travel around Europe? Any bus/train/airlines that you like best?

Image courtesy of Simon Pielow.

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