Live it Up in Belgium: Travel Tips for Brussels

Waffles in Brussels Belgium

The great thing about traveling to Brussels is that it usually only takes a day or two to get an idea of the city before you head off to another place. The even better thing? It’s more than worth it to make it there. Between the beer, chocolate, and waffles, there’s plenty to keep your stomach happy. Plus, it’s beautiful. Here are a few tips I have when you have a day or two to spend there.

Think about a Walking Tour

Brussels is small, so it’s easy to get around and you won’t find yourself walking miles in order to see all the main attractions like in some cities. Take advantage of its leisurely pace by looking into some of the free walking tours available. Not only will you find out where the best spots are for food (the important part of travel—always), but you’ll also get to learn about its place in history. For a small town, Brussels had a lot of wealth and held a powerful position in the north of Europe.

Grab a Waffle

Needless to say, Brussels is most famous for some of the foodstuff available, and it would be a shame to turn down some of the decadent sweets the city has to offer. There are plenty of waffle stands near the center of the city, and most for reasonable prices. Like with most street food, the shops that you might not necessarily choose because they are a little less fancy and a little bit older than some of the newer, high-end shops can often yield the best results. Duck into the obvious mom and pop shops for some of the more traditional recipes.

Take Your Time

Brussels is a city that is meant to be savored, so don’t feel the need to rush around everywhere in order to see everything. In fact, the slower you take it, the more likely you are to enjoy its side streets and hidden chocolate shops and cafes. Again, a day or two should be enough to see almost everything, so don’t worry about tiring yourself out trying to get from place to place. Sit down, have an amazing blonde beer, and enjoy the small-town feel and some of the local cuisine like moules-frites (French fries, but better). Most everyone also speaks English, so you don’t need to worry about getting by on your high school French if you are worried.

Have you ever been to Brussels? Any tips or tricks for the first-time traveler?

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