Keeping in Touch: The Benefits of Skyping

Benefits of Skype

I’m definitely more of a texter than someone who likes conversations through the phone, which is why I was so surprised to need Skyping as much as I do. Being a traveler can be hard—you can go months without seeing the people you love and care about, and as I spend my first Christmas away from my family in Montana, I’ve come to realize how important it is to me that I get to see them over the computer. Even if I can’t be part of their entire day (because it will be night there and visa versa), I can be there for a moment or two.

Skyping has also allowed me to remain close with my friends back home. I’ve been able to keep in touch with a good majority of them, and even if I’m not there personally, I can still see their faces. It’s allowed me also to have friendships all over the world—I can talk to my college friends from New York when I’m in Montana or I can get ahold of my friends in Montana from Italy; it’s definitely not the same as sitting down and having a cup of coffee with someone, but it’s a good alternative.

Moving to a new town in Italy, I know that at times I will feel isolated and will miss the comforts of home. There will be times when I will want to be home rather than enjoying time under the Tuscan sun (I know, crazy but true). That’s also part of the problem of being a perpetual wanderer, even if we are relatively happy in one place, we always want to be in another one. I love espresso, but I ended up making myself an Americano the other day because it has been such a comforting thing for me to have a cup of coffee next to me while I work. Knowing these little quirks and celebrating little traditions (I went and got myself a sad little Christmas tree—Charlie Brown would be jealous) will help the feeling of isolation.

I’ve never been much of a Skyper—when I went to school in New York I rarely Skyped with my family, but that added distance has really made a difference for me when I’m abroad. I got to talk with my parents the other day and text my sister. These little ways of keeping in contact with each other have really made a huge difference as I start the next few months abroad.

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