Dealing with a Busy Travel Schedule: Tips and Tricks

Busy Travel Schedule

It’s going to be a busy next few weeks of travel for me. I’m headed back to Florence for a few weeks before Paris, then I’ll probably head to Eastern Europe for a bit (Prague and Vienna) before off to Japan. It’s a busy, crazy schedule and I will be working at the same time, so learning how to pace myself is going to be a major part of making all of this happen.

Here are some things I’ve found and others have told me help when you have multiple trips in a row:

Accept that you won’t adjust to time differences.

I’ve had a few people admit to me that they don’t even try to adjust to time differences when they are constantly flying. It would take too long to reset your internal alarm clock every time you arrived in a new time zone. Instead, go to bed when you are tired and stay awake when you are feeling up. It would be one thing if you plan on staying in a location for more than a few days, but when you only have a week or two or less, it’s better just to go with how you are feeling.

Watch what you eat and make sure you’re immunized.

When you are constantly traveling, it can be pretty tough on your system—you’re exposed to unknown germs and if you’re feeling tired you are more likely to pick them up. Before you depart, make sure you have taken the time to visit the doctor and have talked to them about what immunizations you will need before you head abroad. They might have some that they would recommend or that you might need. You’ll also want to watch your stomach and think about what you can eat before you bite into something that could make you feel sick. If you’re not used to eating dog meat, then you might not want to when you only have a few days in China.

Give yourself a break.

When you are only planning on being in a location for a few days, you want to see and do as much as you can. But you can easily wear yourself out—and either get sick or be too tired to really enjoy the experience. Make sure you have plenty of time to rest and try and relax if you can on the plane ride there and back.

Have any tips for a busy travel schedule?

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