Talking Turkey: Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Thanksgiving Travel Tips

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when everyone goes home for the holidays and you’re left struggling to find ticket prices that you can afford and that don’t leave at 5 am. It takes some effort, no doubt about it, but with a little bit of strategic planning, you can find a flight that works for you and your Generation-Y budget.

Think Ahead

The last thing people tend to think about is getting that flight home in the early fall, but the truth is that you can often save hundreds of dollars by booking in advance. When you are thinking about booking a trip back for Thanksgiving, you might want to start thinking about looking on sites like STA as early as late September. Not only will there be plenty of room, but most haven’t taken the time to book their trips back, so you’re likely to save quite a bit of cash.

Don’t Choose Wednesday

If you can help it, try not to book your flight for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It’s the busiest travel day during the holiday, and airports can be discombobulated as they try to accommodate so many people and so many different flights in and out. If possible, the Monday or Tuesday before is a much better way to go. You won’t have to worry about bumping into people as much, and you’re more likely to be dealing with an airport running smoothly and will get you to your destination on time.


Chances are that you are only going to be gone for a few days, and thinking about how much you really need when you are headed back home can determine whether you need to check your bag or whether you should carry it on. Obviously, the lighter you pack, the less hassle you will have to deal with. Carrying on can save you from waiting in the long lines at the check-in counter. Also, this is the perfect time to use that fancy smartphone and check-in online. Skipping lines (any lines, though perhaps not security) during the holiday season is a good idea.

Think about shipping anything that is too big to carry on. If you are thinking about bringing the Christmas gifts early, see if you can have them transported another way—planes will be unbelievably crowded and sometimes airlines will charge you more for a checked bag.

Have any tips for traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday?

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