Treating Yourself on Your Travels

Treat Yourself Travel

I’m a lot like many members of Generation-Y. I absolutely need to travel, and I can’t live without it, but I abhor spending money. As a writer, I don’t make a ton of it and traveling is expensive—even when you are working to save some money by traveling on a budget. However, there are also a few times when I think you need to know when to splurge and treat yourself to something truly special on your travels.

When I was living in Florence, I had been missing my guitar for months. Every time I had a free moment, I would wish I had a guitar to play with, but I wasn’t willing to spend the money in order to do so. I would stare at the guitars in the music shops while walking through the streets longingly, just wanting to play a song or two—but knowing if I did I would want to bring one home with me.

I was on an extreme budget. My typical drink was boxed wine and I was paying 350 euro for rent each month (which, looking back, I probably could have had a bit more fun than that—but again, I hate to spend). I felt a bit like a starving artist, except I’m not artistic and I definitely ate enough pizza to keep from starving.

Eventually, however, I couldn’t stand it. I ducked into a music shop and looked over the guitars. Before I knew it, I had one in hand and I was toting it back to our apartment in the Santa Croce area. And you know what? It was a hundred percent worth it. I played that guitar like I would never see one again. In the end, I was happy I treated myself to something I really enjoyed and loved—and I learned that it’s okay to spend a little more every now and then.

When we are on a budget, it’s easy to forget the fact that we might never return to some of these places and that this might be our last chance to make a memory. Even though it might cost a little more, sometimes treating yourself to a memento of your trip can be just the thing to remind you years later of the wonderful times you spent in that location. It’s worth it to spend a little extra on yourself!

Have you ever purchased something that reminds you of your adventures and that you treasure?

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