Day at the Museum: Checking Out NYC's Best Museums

Metropolitan Museum Art

I wish I could say there was one museum that was my favorite in New York, but the truth is that I really have a hard time choosing! I remember heading to the City for the first time and being astounded at all there was to see. In time, I started to narrow down which museums I would return to and which were only worth one visit. If you are planning on heading to some of the Big Apple’s famous museums, here are a few worth checking out:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

You could spend your entire New York trip here if you wanted, so planning what you really want to see can help you save some time so you can get to see some other things in the city. The Met website gives you a list of what exhibitions are available and what you can find in each of the rooms. If you are specifically looking for your favorite kind of art, knowing which floor the works are located can be the easiest way for you to find what you absolutely need to see. (You’ll find everything from medieval armory to Andy Warhol—it’s that conclusive.)

Pollack MoMA Art


As the capital of Modern Art in arguably the world, New York has several museums that will fascinate anyone who enjoys this era. I personally love MoMA for what they have housed there. It can get busy, and it’s not always easy to see the most popular works over a crowd of tourists’ heads, but if you are patient and wait, you’ll be able to catch a view. Thursday nights are some of the best to walk on over there—they have live performances and feature new and emerging artists dominating New York’s competitive art scene. They also offer a discount for students if you can show an ID card—score!

Blue Whale Museum

The Museum of Natural History

Departing a bit from paintings and sculpture, you might want to consider checking out the Museum of Natural History on the other side of Central Park. Most Generation-Y wanderers will remember this setting from Night at the Museum. (And yes, I am a nerd and thought that was an awesome movie.) Whether you have an amateur interest in the natural sciences (me) or if you are a science buff, you’ll love the collection of things to see and do. Tip: Don’t miss out on the famous blue whale in the ocean life hall!

These are a few of the most popular museums. Have you seen any that you would recommend that aren’t on this list?

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