Some New Travel Features with iPhone iOS 8

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As members of Generation-Y, we’re usually pretty on top of the newest and latest trends for our cell phones. As most of us all know (unless you are in the jungles of the Amazon Basin or hiking the Himalayas), Apple has released a new line of iPhones and a new operating system for older models. Here are some of the new features you can expect to use while on the road:

Picture editing.

Apple has always had some awesome ways to edit your pictures and their own filters to make your pictures unique, but the new iOS 8 now includes some more advanced options. You can now make your pictures easily black and white and play with the brightness of a picture—all things you had to do on a separate app. It’s also easier to access other features like panorama and time-lapse. Imagine how cool your travel videos are going to look now!

Audio messaging.

We don’t always have two free hands to text, or you might want to be able to share a special message with friends or family and you can’t give them a call. All you have to do now is press the microphone button next to the text box when you are messaging and you are able to record a voice message that your recipient can play back on their phone. You’ll need to be connected to Wifi to use this feature, but it can be a great way to convey an important message and to do it easily.

Timed selfie.

Where would solo travelers be without the ability to take a picture of themselves in exotic locations? The best part? You can now time your selfie, so you don’t necessarily have to hold the phone out in front of you. You never know when you’ll have to rely on your phone to take your picture for you, and this feature is a pretty obvious plus for that solo trip you have planned.

But keep in mind…

If you are thinking about upgrading, you’ll probably at least need an iPhone 5. Though it’s possible to update your iPhone 4s to the new operating system, it’s really not meant to deal with so many new features and you will probably have to end up deleting a good majority of your applications, music, and pictures you might have stored on there. Of course, you could treat yourself and purchase an iPhone 6, but consider purchasing the smaller model—the larger has been rumored to bend when you keep it in your pocket.

Would you upgrade your phone for some of the new features? Have any favorite applications that you like to use while traveling?

Image courtesy of Gonzalo Baeza H.

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