How Should I Wear My Hair on the Road?

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It may seem like a superficial thing, but you would be surprised how often the topic of hairstyles comes up while traveling. Thinking about some of my own future trips coming up soon, I recently had the urge to chop my hair off to a much more manageable shoulder-length style that I absolutely love. Here are some questions I have found online that women have asked when they are on the road and a simple ponytail will not suffice.

What Kind of Traveling Do You Do?

I think this is one of the most important aspects of traveling in general—identifying what your traveling style is and how much work you want to put into appearances can change how you approach each journey you take. A luxury traveler probably would want a much different look than a backpacker. As a Generation Y traveler who might or might not have access to shampoo at the youth hostel, having an easy hairstyle can make the whole process much quicker and simpler.

What Do You Want When You Get Home?

However, if I were going to entirely go the “easy and quick” route, I would probably go for a full-blown pixie cut—and I am very aware how bad this would look on me (senior photos in high school were not my best). Finding that middle ground of knowing what I can pull off and what I will feel comfortable with when I am home helps me feel good about myself both when I am on the road and when I have a night out with my friends back in the States.

Pull it Back or No?

When you are backpacking or doing some other kind of adventure traveling and you feel the need to have hair away from your face, being able to pull it back is essential. I like to go hiking up in the mountains, and it would be very frustrating to have my hair a length that gets in the way. It’s up to you whether you want it long enough that you can tie it up or short enough that you don’t have to worry about it at all.

Final Verdict?

It’s your hair, and knowing the way you like to travel and whether you want to spend a ton of time on it can help you to decide what you think can work for you. If you know you are the kind of girl who will immediately regret taking the scissors to your locks, then you might want to look up some fun ways to keep it out of the way instead. If you don’t care, maybe think about doing something daring. I personally love that I won’t have to think about combing my hair when I’m on the road and whether or not I need to blow dry it.

What do you think? Have a favorite hairstyle when you are traveling?

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