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I think one of the hardest things we face on the road as Gen Y travelers is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s hard enough moving from culture to culture without feeling like you are knocked off balance a little bit, and sometimes the last thing we want to think about is whether we are eating good, clean foods or if we are getting our daily run in. Traveling and acclimating to a different culture can be hard on your body and your psyche—sometimes the last thing I feel like doing is strapping on my tennis shoes and going for a jog. Here are some things I’ve found help me out when I want to stay fit while traveling.

Do the best you can.

Even professional athletes usually arrive at their destination a day or two before so they can rest up before an event. Sometimes Olympic athletes arrive weeks in advance. Though most of us are not headed to Rio in 2016, the same basic principle applies. When you are traveling long hours, expecting yourself to run a marathon the day after is not realistic—your body is still recovering from being cramped on a plane for hours and the time differences. Take it easy on yourself! Give yourself a day or two to rest before hitting the gym, otherwise you might find it harder to get back into your usual routine.

Watch what you eat.

You probably know this already, but long international flights serve some of the saltiest foods you will probably ever consume. While you may not mind the extra flavor, it can also mean more bloating and swelling while you are flying—and the effects can last for days. Thinking about how much you consume of it and whether or not some options in the airport would be best can help you when you want to adjust a little easier. Also, drinking a lot of water can help to assure that you will be ready to slip on those workout clothes a little faster than if you dehydrate yourself.

Exercise on the road.

This isn’t the perfect solution if you have a routine that you like to do, but sometimes it’s just not possible to do some weight lifting while you are in South Africa or in the middle of the Asian continent. Taking advantage of what physical activities an area has to offer can help you to feel like you are getting the workout you need. Look into river rafting in Croatia or kayaking in Cinque Terre. It may not be exactly what you are used to, but in some ways it can be a lot more fun.

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