Buon Appetito: The Comfort Foods of Italy I’ll Miss

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Part of coming to Italy in the first place for me was the fascination with the food. I am enamored with Italian cuisine and the way the artisans have such a love for creating the perfect plate of pastas drenched in sauces. I’ve also found that as a pescetarian, I’ve really had no trouble enjoying a good meal here like you might think. Getting ready to leave has made me think of which dishes and comfort foods I will miss. You might want to think about trying these if you are headed to Italy anytime soon!

Cappuccino and brioche.

Nothing says “buon giorno” like a good cup of coffee and a little something to tide you over until you can enjoy a pasta primi e secondi at lunch. Italians typically do not order a cappuccino after 11 am, but for breakfast it hits the spot. I am going to miss having a well-made coffee—turns out that can help you get through even the worst mornings.

Caprese salad.

It’s easy to make at home, so even if you don’t have a ticket booked to the Italian peninsula, you can still enjoy this combination of fresh tomatoes and mozzarella. Add a little olive oil and you have an enjoyable dish for an antipasto or lunch. Even though I know this is something I can easily go to the grocery store for when I am home, the cache of having it a Firenze will kind of be gone.


This is definitely a no-brainer when it comes to favorite Italian foods, but the fact that it won’t be made by hand and delivered to me in my own personal little baking dish will make me all the more sad. Gnocchi is such a comfort food, as well. You can also count on feeling full and happy, kind of like Thanksgiving when you end up eating most the mashed potatoes.


No, Papa John’s is not the same. There’s something about the combination of doughiness and crispness at my favorite pizza places. Though Florence isn’t as famous for its pizza as say, Rome would be, you can still find a few authentic locations that make pizza just as you could only imagine in your wildest dreams.


I used to be ice cream obsessed before I studied abroad in Venice (as you can tell in family pictures—maybe a little too obsessed with ice cream), but after I tried gelato, American ice cream just didn’t do it for me anymore. There’s something missing. Maybe it’s the fresh ingredients or the texture, or maybe it’s just the fact that your view of the television isn’t quite a view of the Ponte Vecchio.

Do you have any foods that have changed you on your travels?


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