How to Be an Instagram Boss: Tips and Tricks for Travel Bloggers

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Unfortunately or no, being a travel writer is not just about writing recommendations of restaurants to visit while abroad or revealing personal experiences while on the road. We’ve also had to turn to social media as a way to get our message across to readers. One way we’ve been doing this is by posting our travel photos to Instagram. While social media is not my strong suit, I have had some recent success with the photo-sharing site. Here are a few things I’ve found posting on Instagram.

Try not to use a filter.

I know. It seems counter-intuitive. Isn’t that the whole point of Instagram in the first place? Honestly, too much filtering makes the photo look amateurish, and there is something to be said for taking a photo as is. Sometimes, I might brighten a photo if it’s a little dark, but other than that, I try to keep the photo as close to the original as I can.

Use hashtags, but use them strategically.

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Some travel blogs I have read have stated that the more hashtags you use, the better. However, because you are only allowed 30 in your original post, I try to stick to hashtags that people actually care about. Make sure to tag the country and the city where you took the photo (and add the location, as well), while giving a broad overview. Know which channels are most likely to be searched and go off that.

Invest in a good camera—if you can.

This could be coincidence, but I find the photos I take with my Canon Rebel XT tend to do better than the ones I have taken with my iPhone. Even if you can’t afford to purchase a new camera, choose pictures you have taken that are clear and bright—even phone cameras can go a long way if they need to.


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I’ve posted photos I thought would do really well on social media and the ended up receiving very few likes. Likewise, I’ve posted photos that I thought no one would have an interest in and they have done really well. If you can, experiment a bit to see what your followers like and what they don’t. It will give you a chance to see what you should post in the future and will attract new followers.

Use Instagram as a community.

 I love sharing photos with others (with their permission, of course!). Instagram is a community, first and foremost, so make sure to involve others by tagging them in your posts or offering to feature them on your page. Who knows? You might also meet some other travel bloggers looking for a chance to feature you!

Have any Instagram tips you want to share?

Keep wandering,

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