5 Great Beaches from around the World

5 great beaches

When summer rolls around, the first thing I want to do is hit the water and relax on a nice beach. When I was younger, I used to spend my time on Flathead Lake, but more and more I’ve looked into finding locations where the sand is softer and the water goes on forever. Here are some of the favorite beaches I’ve found on my travels.

1. Jones Beach, New York

Jones Beach NY

When I grew up thinking about New York, I never thought about heading to the beach. However, Jones has been a great haven when I want to see some white sand. The water is cold and you can only swim a few times a year, but Jones also has a number of events going on throughout the year that are fun to go to. A pass costs ten dollars for the day, but it’s worth it to get a break from the city.

2. Chacala, Mexico

Chacala Mexico Bay

It was such a treat to head to this little village in Mexico to visit my friend Karla. The village itself was charming, but one of the best parts about it was the fact that we had almost the entire beach to ourselves—making it the perfect spot to relax and spend an evening looking out into the bay. This area was also incredibly cheap, so it would be a good spot for those who want to vacation on a budget.

3. Chalkadiki, Greece

Greece Chalkadiki Beach

Beautiful white sands, gorgeous, multi-colored water, and the Greek attitude of relaxation make this spot worth checking out. Also, there are very few tourists—it is mostly populated by locals looking to get out of nearby Thessaloniki. There are also some great restaurants worth visiting that serve some of the delicious local cuisine.

4. Mondello, Italy

Mondello Beach Sicily

From the Palermo city center, Mondello is about a fifteen-minute bus ride. It also is a great escape—Sicily’s bustling hub can be overwhelming. The sand is incredibly soft and the water swimmable even in the spring and fall. Make sure to wear enough sunscreen since the rays of the sun here are stronger than other locations in Italy.

5. Deerfield Beach, Florida

Deerfield Beach Florida

Although crowded, it’s one of Florida’s best and cleanest beaches. Finding parking is tough, but the weather is often amazing and it stays within the range of the 80s for most the season. I loved seeing a variety of people and enjoying the slight breeze that would come through every now and then. There are a lot of great beaches in the United States, but this was one that stuck in my mind.

Where do you like to beach?

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