Going Medieval: Exploring the City of Prague

city of prague

After seeing most of western Europe, my fascination with eastern Europe grew. I had never journeyed to that part of the world, and I planned a trip to the Czech Republic and then to Austria. Meeting up with my soon-to-be boyfriend and his brother, Prague captured my imagination (and it turned out to be a pretty romantic location). Here are some things I found especially wonderful about the city of Prague.

Prague Streets Travel
Image courtesy of Daniel Horowitz.

The architecture.

When other travelers mentioned that Prague was one of the most beautiful places in Europe, I had a hard time believing that it could be prettier than Paris or Venice. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Not that it was any more beautiful or any less than other places, but it definitely was like transporting myself to another time period. Not much as changed since medieval times, and I loved wandering down random streets and finding new things. The city center is small enough to walk, and even the restaurants and bars are affordable.


The food…and the beer.

Be warned—do not plan on enjoying Prague’s cuisine if you are on a low calorie diet. Skip it for a few days and enjoy some of the local dishes. For someone who loves meat and potatoes, this was the perfect spot to enjoy some hearty meals (especially after I had been eating pasta in Italy for almost every mea). What was even better? The beer. You could find all sorts of types and they were more an reasonable. In fact, most of the beer I could get there was for about a dollar.

Bird's Eye Prague
Image courtesy of Daniel Horowitz.

The sense of being entirely unique.

I’ve seen places and have been reminded of others, but Prague remains its own thing. I fell in love with it partly because I never felt as though I had been there before. It was also one of the best introductions someone could have to eastern Europe—the prices were low and many people spoke English. If you are thinking about exploring some other areas outside the western European cities, Prague is a good place to start—it’s small enough that it is easy to get around, but there is enough going on that young people will like it too.

Prague Night Travel

Take time to climb the hill.

The hill overlooking Prague is one of the best ways to see it at its best. It’s a little bit steep, but worth the jaunt up. You might want to do it at night too—it’s beautiful.

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