It’s in the Bag: Review of Gobi Gear’s Hoboroll


Packing is my least favorite part of any journey. As anyone who really knows me is aware, I usually put it off until the last moment to put everything into my pack—and even then it’s a struggle. That’s why I was so excited to receive Gobi Gear’s Hoboroll. I love the thought of just stuffing everything in my bag and not thinking about it.

After taking it out of the attached pouch (that also serves as a pocket when you need a smaller compartment while hauling stuff around), I laid it out so I could get a good look at it. When you see it without anything in it, it looks pretty small and a little unimpressive. I wanted to see if it could really fit 20 liters worth of things in there like the package said, so I began putting everything I needed for my upcoming trip to Morocco in there.

Hoboroll Gobi Gear

After stuffing and stuffing all my clothes, my swimsuit, some shoes, and some of my boyfriend’s clothing because I ran out of things to stuff, I finally felt like it had been stuffed enough. Each end has a tie so you can adjust to how much you put in it—whether you have a lot or a little, the pack works for both.

The design allows you to put more in than you would think since it contains five different segments. To get the maximum benefit of how much this can handle, you’d probably want to distribute what you’re putting in equally so the bag is rounded out and not lumpy in some places and empty in others.

Pack Hoboroll Review

There is also a strap that makes it easy to tighten the bag if you want it to be more secure. It also functions as a handle, so it’s easy to tote around whether you buy the adjustable shoulder strap or not. The strap was included for me, and I loved how easy it was to attach with a clip. The fact that it was adjustable also made it great for if you have other bags and need to accommodate them while adjusting the Hoboroll.

Best time to use this bag? I think for travelers, this is the perfect weekend getaway bag. It’s small enough to carry on (perfect for budget airlines), but holds a week’s worth of clothing or more. Also, when you’re done with it, just fold it back into the attached pouch and you’ve got a compact way to bring items home from your travels or to function as a laundry bag. I’d highly recommend this to someone who likes to travel light and who needs a bag that won’t take up a lot of space.

Alex Review Hoboroll

The Hoboroll costs $39.99 on the Gobi Gear website, and the shoulder strap is $11.99. They also have a whole line of sacks for various purposes that travelers might find helpful.

Thanks to Gobi Gear for the Hoboroll and the strap!

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